I want to be disturbed by what you’re wearing. I want to be shocked and undone and delighted by what you’re doing and how you’re living. And I don’t want anyone to be afraid to put on their look, their body, their clothes anymore. Resistance is what is sexy, it’s what looks good and is hard to look at and what sometimes requires explanation.
dean spade, Dress to Kill, Fight to Win, LTTR 1. (2002)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inspiration: Lisa Mitchell's Quirky Music Videos

This artist isn't "new" (I first heard Coin Laundry about 3 years ago), but I've recently rediscovered -in a way- what her music makes me feel and how her videos bring a smile to my face. So this week's post is about the lovely Lisa Mitchell. Her voice is so sweet- I always feel like listening to her songs when I'm wearing something particularly delicate. Most of her songs are light-hearted indie pop and some have a marked country influence. I don't usually listen to country music... but I find that, no matter the genre, all her songs make me feel happy and relaxed.

Her music videos go so well with the mood of her songs, maybe I shouldn't be surprised I love everything about them. Not only are they fun to watch, but the outfits she wears are just darling.

My two favorites are "Coin Laundry" and "Neopolitan Dreams". The first time I saw the video for "Coin Laundry", it made me think of mori girl style. There was something about the birdcages and the colorful buttons that recalled the quirky spirit of that japanese style, even if what she's wearing is quite simple. Her dress is most likely vintage, and also the color I've been obsessed with these past few months. 

This video takes "quirky" and drives it almost to the edge into just plain silly, but I still like it. Her outfit here looks more "ordinary" than what she wears in other videos, but you know me: I love a lace tights and oxfords combo. Thankfully ModCloth and, lately, Forever 21 have a ton of lacey pretties in stock if you find yourself so inclined- recreating these looks shouldn't be too hard.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Old Favorites

I've been far too busy doing summer apropriate things (like going hiking and painting my room) to have the time to take outfit pics. In any case, I'm living in a variation of  an ASOS swing dress or a tank and shorts, so it's not like I have much to show. The heat means putting on anything more than BB Cream is a waste of makeup. Simple living, probably till the end of september. Yes, the heat can sometimes last THAT long in these parts.

It may not be something I'd wear during summer, but I still wanted to share an old outfit. It's a tried-and-true look I'd often throw on when I wanted to feel "me" but didn't have time to get too creatve with my styling.


Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Forever 21
Bracelet: thrifted
Bag: hand-me-down
Socks: Urban Outftters
Boots: local store

I've had this sweater for a few years now, and it's still one of my favorites. Zara stops at a size 14, but I find I can manage to fit into their knits and items with an over-sized or baggy cut. That is the case with this sweater: you can see in the pictures that even the arm-holes are lower than the shoulder. Even if that one detail looks slightly off, I think the peter pan collar and the fox illustration more than make up for it. The cropped cut means I can wear it with many of my skirts and high-waisted jeans. It's one of those perfect, almost grail-like items; those wardrobe treasures that you really love and can't picture *not* having. Or maybe I'm the only one who gets so attached to clothes? XD

Thursday, July 3, 2014

On Bras

Now, this topic may seem a bit TMI at first. But the truth is, it's very important for women, and it is also relevant to fashion. How can clothes sit right on your body when your bra isn't made for your shape? So I want to talk about bras with big cups and where to find them in Puerto Rico. I've decided there's no need for me to be bashfull about this topic: a curvy, heavy-on-the-top frame runs in my family... just like brown eyes and dark hair do, and they're all natural traits.

This video will probably blow your mind. It blew mine- those measuring techniques she mentions look so bizarre, don't they? But it's incredibly helpful, and I share it in the hopes that it will help others, like me, discover their true bra size. I already knew my band size was supposed to be 36, because I bought an underbust jsk with that measurement, expecting it to be a close fit, and it works. The links shared along with this video are really good, especially this one. This site helped me determine my size. I would've never believed I could be a 36 L without the help of this calculator. Knowing you're busty is one thing, being told that your size is much farther along in the alphabet is another. At first, "L" sounded absolutely ridiculous.  I wanted to try on a bra with an L cup so I could be totally convinced. The trouble with this was that I didn't know ANY local stores that carried this size. Here is where Blossom Boutique comes in. 

I'd heard of Blossom Boutique because it's in the same plaza where Ouna's Closet used to be. I'd never shopped there before because I guessed (pretty accurately) that they were expensive. I checked them out on-line, and found out they did carry big cup sizes, up to an L. I decided to go this weekend, in hopes that I could get something from their sale. I should've known, with my luck- of course the bras that actually fit me wouldn't be on sale. Of course there would be a lack of variety and styles in a 36 J/JJ/HH (UK sizing, equivalent to an US L cup). The fitting style they use there seems to be the same used in Victoria's Secret and other such places. When I told the shopgirl I needed a 36 L, she said that was strange. She measured me under my bust and around the fullest part of my breasts. But she didn't try to convince me I was wrong, she brought me the bras she could find in the biggest sizes they had: J, JJ and HH . She was helpful, considering the difficulty of finding my size. Out of the 8 bras I tried on, there were a handful that didn't fit and three bras that I considered cute. I only took home the one that fit me best. It isn't perfect (the center gore doesn't sit flat against my chest) but it doesn't give me "quad-boob" and the underwires don't dig into my skin. One of the bras I tried on was the Rita by Elomi, which fit perfectly. They only had it in hot pink, though, so I didn't buy it- but I managed to find it on ebay in peach for half the price!

Blossom Boutique seems to be the *only* lingerie boutique in Puerto Rico that carries my size. (I've called other places and looked them up online, the max is generally DD or GG cups.) Being able to try on bras in-person is such a great thing- you get a better idea of how they fit and how comfortable you feel in them. Which is why I got signed up for Blossom Boutique's email updates, hoping they'll be bringing more options for me in the future. I've also heard Nordstrom is coming to PR in 2015, so girls who need bigger cups could have better chances of finding bras that fit, in-store. Crossing my fingers!

Monday, June 30, 2014

"I'm on ModCloth!" and Other News

ModCloth's much-loved plus size line reached its one year anniversary last week! I'm not only excited because this line's success means things will keep getting better, but also because they contacted me for one of their blog posts! I started posting on their Style Gallery when Kate Gabrielle mentioned it, and I guess this is what put me on their radar. Part of the reason ModCloth is so great is because it listens to its customers and enables the growth of a very positive community on its site. In this vein, they asked a few of their plus size customers for their opinions on the clothing industry. You can see the post here, and you might recognize my picture on a link to it while browsing the shop! I was featured along with some other amazing girls from this community and I'm so happy that I got to be a part of this. It feels like I'm contributing to the improvement we've seen in the plus size clothing industry, even if it's in a small way. ModCloth's other blog posts celebrating the plus size line's anniversary are all worth checking out, especially The Plus Size Report. Proof that plus size clothing, when done right, sells! You can read a very good post about why ModCloth's success is revolutionary here. They've also just announced they're collaborating with blogger Nicolette Mason on a size-inclusive clothing collection. ModCloth's just full of exciting news right now, aren't they?

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Time Traveler

I still have some spring outfits in my backlog. This one is all about ivory, my seasonal love.

The fact that I'm wearing a pocket watch necklace and a vintage dress made me think of a cute time traveler.

Necklace: ModCloth
Underskirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Madden Girl
Bag: Claire's

The dress is an oldie but a goodie vintage find from Ouna's Closet. I absolutely adore it, even if the sleeves are a bit short.  It stays fresh for me because I wear it only once in a while. It's best for rare chilly days, and I'm always a bit scared of accidentally staining it. I wore it out to watch a movie with friends. I wanted to keep the look simple with only ivory and let the necklace speak for itself. I'd been wanting a pocket watch necklace for a long time, but I was specifically looking for a silver one. I also wanted it to stand out from the other usual designs you see in many fast fashion stores. The "Old and New Pocket Watch Necklace" certainly does. It's shiny and elegant but still bigger than many other pocket watch necklaces. It has an etched filligree cover, which is a common feature I really like. But once you open it, you see it has golden numbers and a watch face engraved with a spotted design reminiscent of art deco. This use of both silver and gold tones makes for a pretty bold statement, so I think the best way to wear it is with clothing that is not too colorful. It deserves its own spotlight. After all, it can elevate monotone looks to another level of class.